RO Service Pump

RO Service Pump



A healthy family is all that we wish for. Using normal water filters or even direct tap water holds a high chance of you and your family falling prey to a lot of water-borne diseases. RO Service set of water filters at the most affordable price.RO Solinoid / Solenoid Valve (SV) 24 V Volt for RO/UV water filter.10″ Reverse Osmosis Pre-filter with Pipe and Spun Filter Works with any standard 10 inch .RO Solinoid / Solenoid Valve (SV) 24 V Volt for RO/UV water filter and Power Supply Adapter(24 v) for RO system is ideal for protecting the system against any short circuit, and voltage fluctuations. It is ideal for Indian power conditions. Main features include:- Ideal for protecting your RO system against excessive high voltage and Over Load. 2 AMP.For Pump -This Pump is designed for Residential Reverse Osmosis System. Specification:- PRUTON RO SYSTEM BOOSTER PUMP Power Supply : 24 VDC Maximum Capacity: 700 ML / Min Water Temperature : 0C 40C Maximum Pressure: 100 PsiMaximum Current : 0.65 A


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