RO service Earth 75 gpd Membrane Solid Filter Cartridge (5.0E-5, Pack of 2)

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•    Micron Rating: 5.0E-5
•    Used For: Reverse Osmosis
•    Filtration Stages: 1
•    Shelf Life: 1 Year
•    Best Suited for Water Purifiers / RO Systems And Water Filters


Antiscalant Balls are like white transparent ball shaped anti scalant can be used for domestic as well as industrial use. It is designed for pretreatment of raw water to prevent scaling and inorganic polluting. Hard waters when come in contact with metals cause corrosion, which results turning the tap water brown and even causing leakage and pipe burst. This leads to decrease in water pressure and requirement of more energy. Sometimes it demands replacement of clogged pipes. Anti Scalent Balls prevent scale and stops corrosion to ro membrane of water filtration appliance.


In The Box
Sales Package:         1 Earth 75 GPD membrane X 1 Polypropylene (PP)
Model Name:     1 Year RO service Earth 75 gpd Membrane
Type:     Solid
Filter Material:     Polypropylene (PP)
Micron Rating:     5.0E-5
Application:     Reverse Osmosis
Suitable For:     Water Purifiers / RO Systems
Filtration Stages:     1
Shelf Life:     1 Year
Used For:     Reverse Osmosis
Height:         25 cm
Weight:         0.4 kg
Diameter:        6 cm


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