RO plant Dosing Pump

Dosing pumps are low-volume pumps with controllable discharge rates that are used to inject additives or difficult to mix fluids into mixing, pumping, or batch/tank systems. Dosing pumps are usually made from plastic, thermo plastic, and feature mounting holes or accessories. Single diaphragm models are available. Some dosing pumps are designed to move abrasive materials, acids, adhesives, chemicals,concrete and grout, coolants, hazardous materials, liquid metal, or lubricants. Other devices are rated for combustible, corrosive, high viscosity, or high temperature media. Dosing pumps are also used to move gasoline, diesel fuel, and oil; ground water, potable water, salt water, and wastewater; sewage, sludge,slurry and ash slurry; gas and air; powders, solids, and rendering wastes; and a variety of liquids and liquids with solids.


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