Aqua Neeo

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Your Dream RO system with Digital Display & Filter change Alarm. Its Display shows you Health of your filters , Water Purification process in progress, and Tank full indicator. This system is smart enough that it stops water flow when RO filters are due for replacement and RO system starts Alarm to indicate you to call RO Service Technician.

It works with 7 stage purification system. This system is made with best quality products available in market. High quality Pump, Vontron Membrane, Pushfit UV Barrel, ABS Food Grade Plastic Cabinet etc. This system is designed to work from 100 to 1500 TDS(Total Dissolved Solids). You can adjust Pure water TDS as per your requirement.

In case you face any issue all spare parts will available online or you can order directly at our customer care number. Aqua Neeo Water Purifier system design is unique with dual filter change alarm with digital display to deliver you uninterrupted pure drinking water. The display provides you the health of your filters so that you can schedule your RO servicing.

AQUA NEEO filtration features are as follows:
Sediment filter removes remaining sand and fine particles from water.
Activated carbon removes odur, chlorine, enhance taste and polishes water to shine.
Reverse osmosis removes extra TDS from water.
TDS adjuster adjusts TDS as required for human consumption.
UV chamber’s Ultra Violet rays kill bacteria and viruses and give us water free from water borne diseases(without adding any chemical).
Ultra filter removes any remaining impurity in water.


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